Hot Raider

Hot Raider, is a sexy and deliciously fun Single Title Contemporary romance set in Manhattan, complete at 75,000 words.

Hot Raider is a finalist in the contemporary category for RWA® ’s 2019 Golden Heart® Award.

Under the working title Mr. Sexy Suit, Hot Raider was the 2nd Place Winner of 2018 Chesapeake Romance Writers contest, The Rudy, in the Contemporary category, and the manuscript placed third in WisRWA’s 2018 Fabulous Five Contest. 

Hungarian immigrant turned billionaire Stefano Marek is a ruthless corporate raider hell-bent on acquiring Warwick Tea, the one company he needs to avenge the wrongs done to his family. He besieges the posh Manhattan boardroom of Warwick Tea’s new CEO, Emma Warwick, expecting an easy victory over a spoiled heiress. Instead, he finds an intriguing adversary who is equally determined to keep her family legacy in her hands.


After her fiancée abandons her and her parents brush her aside, Emma refuses to lose the only thing she has left, her grandfather’s business. She needs to transform Warwick into a global leader in the tea world to prove, both to herself and the board of directors, that she’s the right person to lead the company. But, caught between a sinister saboteur and a devilishly sexy corporate raider, she’s in way over her head.

Emma and Stefano are forced to work together to defeat the saboteur before they can battle each other for ownership of Warwick. Emma can’t give in to her traitorous feelings for Stefano. But, when he realizes he wants both the company and Emma in his life, he’ll stop at nothing to have it all.

Joy is halfway through drafting her next novel, Reckless Passion.