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2018 Entangled Publishing Contemporary Category


2018 WisRWA Fabulous Five Contest Contemporary Final Rankings



- Publishers Weekly Review:

“This tightly-written New York City romance is also a page-turner about family and loyalty in the corporate world. Having recently inherited the post from her grandfather, Emma Warwick is the young but dedicated CEO of a struggling tea company. She balks at her attraction to corporate raider Stefano Marek, who – one way or another – wants to acquire secret new technology that Emma possesses in order to use it against people who have wronged his sister and parents. Though a plot point that has Stefano toiling as Emma’s assistant initially feels forced (especially since he’s simultaneously trying to seduce her and get her software), the author makes it work. Emma and Stefano are both successfully brought to life as reliable businesspeople who would do anything for their families. The narrative stumbles as the protagonists succumb to each other and engage in overwrought sex scenes filled with cheesy dialogue, but the story’s believable plot twists compensate for its flaws.”

Hot Raider was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest in the Romance Category.

“I enjoyed the excerpt very much. It immediately caught my interest. It was easy to read – not any useless descriptions but got right into the characterizations. I especially like the introduction of Katya so soon. Children always add a fun aspect to the story and she also showed the sensitivity of Stephano. A very strong excerpt.”
- ABNA Expert Reviewer #1

Hot Raider made it to the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest!

“A good story, compelling characters, all the plot moves of the romance novel are covered here.”
- ABNA Expert Reviewer #2

“The heroine in this book is absolutely delightful. You can not help but to want to know the layers of complexity surrounding her and root her on along the way as she fights to save her family’s tea company. The book is simply and clearly written.”
- Justin Fogle (Amazon review)